Friday, April 27, 2012

2012 Asian Festival of Children's Content discount for ISLN members

Attend the 2012 Asian Festival of Children's Content being held May 26-29 at The Art House.  

ISLN members can take advantage of the Early Bird Prices after the April 30 deadline.

For more information, please check out the website where a full program is available.

For registration information go to the National Book Development Council of Singapore Website.

FW: Author/Race car driver visit for the Singapore F1

.......A Canadian author, former race car driver, school principal and English teacher.....  What an great way to connect our libraries and readers to the hype of the F1 race in Singapore!

Anthony Hampshire has written a series called Redline Racing Series, using his knowledge of car racing and his passion to reach some of the reluctant readers in his classes.  The series is available through Follett.

Tony would stay with our principal and he has factored his flight costs into his daily fee so it's not only a great opportunity, but also a great deal!  $750 for a day, in which he would do several presentations.

Below is some information, from Tony, about himself and his presentations.  

Please let me know if you would be interested in having him visit your library.  I will need to confirm with him ASAP as he needs to organize his schedule, book flights and get his tickets to the Singapore F1 :)  Really, the sooner the better!


I think that you will need a clear idea as to what I could provide as a visiting author.  I've done many school presentations since the RedLine books were first published in 2001, particularly at the regional Foothills Young Authors Conference.  My presentations are interactive, usually a good deal of fun, and the reviews I've had back from conference organizers indicate that students rate them highly.  As a sample, attached is a .pdf copy of my Young Authors Conference mid school Powerpoint presentation from last year. I also have different versions of this to suit younger/older audiences. 

The substance of my presentations is not about how awesome my books might be and although I could have some shipped out and available for purchase, it isn't a sales pitch.  As old LA/English teachers never die, I use my professional training, racing and author experiences to encourage kids to find their own stories.  We're all writers, and we all have a voice.  While I am a published author and ex racing driver, I am first and last a teacher, and present that way.  I explain my writing process, story development, and share tips that I've learned from experience that students may be able to use.  My goal is to for them to come away with a stronger sense of enablement as writers, perhaps even somewhat inspired.  To accomplish that, I like to directly involve the kids in dialogue and some readings from my books.  As you'll appreciate, that's very difficult to do with 400+ kids in a gym, so given the option I much prefer to do two or three smaller sessions with several classes in a Library or classroom over the course of a day rather than a one shot presentation for everyone.  While I may thus be at a school for most of a day doing several presentations, there's much more value for the school to have an author work with smaller groups, and my fee would be the same.  As a frugal ex-Principal, I know that it's always about value....

To leverage the Singapore GP specifically, I would adapt some of my presentation materials.  I also think it could be fun to correspond electronically with classes & teachers prior to arrival especially if they're involved in GP activities leading up to the race.  I have a fair amount of knowledge about Formula 1 and some first hand experience with a top level racing team.  

For sample chapters from all RedLine Racing books, photos and critical reviews, please see my website at   

I also currently serve as the webmaster (and sometimes crewman of last resort) for the PR1/Mathiasen Motorsports team in California, which heeps me current with modern racing. 

For a local conference the standard author presentation fee here is $500/day, higher if out of town.  Singapore is a tad out of town for me, so the $750 fee per presentation would be fine. To offset the travel costs of a trip of this distance (see below), I would need to have three or four school presentations confirmed, each at that rate.   As detailed above I would be quite prepared to spend all or most of a day in each school over the week leading up to the race for presentations and interacting with kids and teachers about writing and racing.  I won't do supervision however...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Subcommittees for Hands on Literacy -- take your choice

Our third biennial Hands on Literacy conference is November 17, 2012.

A beginning website has been set up:

A fantastic keynote speaker has been lined up:  Joyce Valenza, teacher-librarian extraordinaire from the USA.

The location is the brand-new UWCSEA East campus in Tampines.

The Call for Papers/Workshops will be going out by the end of the month.

Now we need more members on a variety of subcommittees to get everything in motion.

Everyone is expected to help out.  Sign up below!

Next meeting -- for anyone who can make it:  Wednesday, May 2, 6pm Buono's Italian restaurant on Lichfield Road in Serangoon Garden (click here for location details).

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mon, April 23: Annual General Meeting etc.


Annual General Meeting

Monday, April 23
4:00 for 4:30 pm start
Canadian International School, Jurong Campus

RSVP to Lisa Patton

Follett eBooks 1:30pm
run by Jenna Emerson

Topics on the agenda:
-- Election of new officers
-- Professional development -- upcoming events (AFCC, ALA, IASL Doha, etc.)
-- Readers Cup -- May 10th -- update on teams/rules/sample questions
-- Red Dot longlist nominations for next year
-- Hands on Literacy conference (Nov. 17) subcommittees -- volunteers needed
(yes!  Joyce Valenza will be our keynote)
-- Schedule of network meeting dates/venues for the next 12 months

APD Books will have a display of titles on special promotion to our members.  See the separate blog post for details.

APD book promotions for ISLN

Shelly Chua of APD will be attending our AGM on Monday, April 23, and displaying some of the books they are currently promoting. Note that our members get a discount.

a)  Libraries Unlimited & Linworth
b) Books for Thought
c)  Kingfisher
d)  Belair

Libraries Unlimited and Linworth
Specially for ISLN Members  
Less 40% off list price for DIRECT orders 
to APD Singapore Pte Ltd
Well-known and well-regarded throughout the library community, Libraries Unlimited and Linworth share a tradition of publishing in all areas and topics that represent core competencies of librarians, offering titles that are used by librarians during their studies and throughout their professional careers. Libraries Unlimited has long been considered a market leader in textbooks and bibliographic reference for library science. Both Libraries Unlimited and Linworth focus on the work of renowned and highly visible authors who are respected for their experience, expertise, insight into library practice, educator/librarian connections, and literacy. Our Professional Development imprint also includes Teacher Ideas Press, which produces material for teachers that encourages the teacher/librarian partnership.
(Kindly fax your order to 67493552 or email to or

 Visit Books for Thoughts – APD’s facebook page which highlights the best of our selections. The post here features inspiring titles ranging from literature, humanities, mathematics, philosophy, art and sports. This is the site for intellectual readers, students. teachers and librarians. 

Kingfisher is an award-winning publisher of non-fiction and early learning books. Known around the world for its informative and engaging reference and early-learning books, Kingfisher also receives widespread acclaim for its classic anthologies for five- to fourteen-year-olds and original picture books for very young children.
We are delighted to offer to the schools exclusively, at a 30% discount, this offer is valid from now until 31st May only.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free catalogue or for our sales representatives to present the books to you. Do let us know if you need further assistance on this and we look forward to serve you.

Exclusive promotion for ISLN

Visit Kingfisher site here. 

Belair provides a creative approach to learning, a wealth of expert advice and achievable, inexpensive, classroom-tested ideas that you'll use year after year.
Dear Respected Educators,  
We are pleased to share with you Belair's range of new editions, which are available for immediate dispatch from our Singapore warehouse.
From now until 31st May 2012, we are offering a special 30% discount and free delivery*
How to order
1.  Email orders to or
2.  Fax order form to (65) 6749 3552

Representative's visit
Our friendly representatives are always ready to share and present to you, this exciting range of titles. Please contact:

Ms Shelly Chua       96205464
Mr Tom Chang        91897554

We look forward to working closely with you in 2012, to fulfill your academic goals.  Please let us know if you need more info or if we can be of any help.
Please send your orders to

Join our facebook at

Distributed by
52 Genting Lane #06-05
Ruby Land Complex-Block 1
Singapore 349560
Tel: 65-6749 3551 Fax:65-6749 3552

Monday, April 16, 2012

The 2 Steves visitng Singapore October 25 - November 2

The 2 Steves will be visiting Singapore from 25th October to 2nd November. They are going to be at UWCSEA East on November 29 and then heading to the Australian International School on November 30 but they should still have a few spare spots before they work at the Singapore writer’s festival. To find out more about them, visit their website at:
If you're interested in having them visit, contact them at

Kirsty Murray visiting Singapore May 7-31

Kirsty Murray will be in Singapore from May 7-31. 

For information about Kirsty, please use the link below:

If interested, contact Sue Russell at Nexus arts.

School Programs with Award-winning Author SherMay Loh & Lord Archibald!

Epigram Books is proud to present the next installment of the Archibald series by award-winning author, SherMay Loh: Archibald and the Black Knight's Ring!

We believe that SherMay may be familiar to many teachers and schools as she has appeared in schools such as Tao Nan, Henry Park, RGPS and Haig Girls amongst others when she released her first novel. We hope that more schools would like to invite SherMay to their schools this year!

A new program that we have in 2012 is the Assembly Talk (Option 1) organized in conjunction with the Budding Writers League and Monsters Under the Bed. For the Assembly Talks, experienced trainers will help your students rediscover the fact that writing can be fun and even teach them how to get published!

Our second program is the Fireside Chat (Option 2), a more intimate session where SherMay would host a group of students to talk about her experiences writing and reading, and will encourage your students to do the same. For schools that held the Fireside Chats previously, SherMay has updated her program to incorporate a discussion about her latest novel as well as new practical examples to inspire the kids. 

Lastly, Archibald Wants Your Help! If you have students interested in participating in our brand new review initiative, please refer to the banner visual for more information! This initiative is a fantastic way to get your students reading and writing and involve them in the publication of a brand new novel. 

We look forward to hearing back from you soon. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need more information on any of the programs or initiative. 

Best regards,

Felicia Low-Jimenez
Rights & Marketing Manager | Epigram Books | +65 62924456 | 1008 Toa Payoh North #03-08 Singapore 318996