Friday, April 20, 2012

Mon, April 23: Annual General Meeting etc.


Annual General Meeting

Monday, April 23
4:00 for 4:30 pm start
Canadian International School, Jurong Campus

RSVP to Lisa Patton

Follett eBooks 1:30pm
run by Jenna Emerson

Topics on the agenda:
-- Election of new officers
-- Professional development -- upcoming events (AFCC, ALA, IASL Doha, etc.)
-- Readers Cup -- May 10th -- update on teams/rules/sample questions
-- Red Dot longlist nominations for next year
-- Hands on Literacy conference (Nov. 17) subcommittees -- volunteers needed
(yes!  Joyce Valenza will be our keynote)
-- Schedule of network meeting dates/venues for the next 12 months

APD Books will have a display of titles on special promotion to our members.  See the separate blog post for details.

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