Monday, September 2, 2013

Red Dot Longlist... discussions to lead us to our shortlist......

It's that time of year... when we pool our ratings and comments on the Red Dot longlist in order to move towards the magic movement when we settle upon a nicely balanced set of 8 books for each category:  Early Years, Younger, Older, and Mature Readers.

Before we have a meeting, let's pool our thoughts on what books we read over the summer -- on or off the longlist.

Here's a Google spreadsheet which anyone in the world can edit -- I put all the longlist books on it (see this previous blogpost if you need links) -- though you can also add new ones that you think should have been on the longlist.

There is one tab per category.   Instructions are on the home tab.  Basically, as you add your ratings and comments, be sure to rename the column heading to show your name.  We can add more columns as more people add comments.  Remember:  your rating isn't about the book as a whole, but about its appropriateness for our book award.  (You could love a book, but realize it's not right for our audiences.)  The books we choose should be ones worth buying multiple copies of -- and passing on to our literacy/English departments and book circle collections.  Published within the past four years (2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010).

If you're interested in contributing, please try to add something to the Google Doc by Wednesday.  That way we'll know who is potentially interested in finding time to physically meet and hash out the lists. 

Questions?  Contact me:

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