Sunday, February 24, 2013

Red Dot Voting Soon - and Long Lists for next year

Red Dot Voting runs from March 6 - 13.

The individual student online voting form is ready to go live on March 6th, but first you need to know your school's voting code.  I will send it out a Google Doc link to everyone via the ISS-LN Google Group listserv.  If you don't get the email, just write to me: or contact

As the Voting Form is public, anyone can access it -- and we need to verify that votes logged as coming from one school are really from that school.   (i.e., no stuffing the ballot box).

I'll send out a Google Group email on the night of March 5th with a link to the Voting page, so you can be ready to start voting on March 6th.

How you collect votes is up to you.  You can create your own Google Form, if you want, or count votes physically.   If so, just submit your votes in the Block Voting Form -- the link will also be sent to you.

Questions for the Readers Cup?

Anyone can submit possible questions for the Readers Cup -- on the bottom of each category's page on the Red Dot website.

Long List Suggestions for next year???

Yes, it's never too early.  Go to Long List page on the Red Dot site for links to the GoodReads "Listopia" lists for each category.

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