Friday, March 20, 2015

Post-PD Summary: Librarians' Lunch & TeachUp 2015 @ UWC East

Last Saturday, March 14, there was a morning and an afternoon opportunity for professional development.

The inaugural TeachUp event, held at UWCSEA East, included two sessions by librarians.

TeachUp 2015 - link to shared folder of resources
-- Kim Beeman (Shrewsbury Int'l School, Bangkok) & Karen Blumberg - DIY PD
-- Katie Day & Barb Reid - Best Value eBooks + eTexts

Then we had our Librarian's Leisurely Lunch, a smaller group, with three sessions -- or focused conversations.

-- Kim Beeman & Karen Blumberg - Digital Literacies
-- Angie Erickson (UWC Dover MS Literacy Coach) & Katie Day - The Best of the Best: Discovering Children's and YA Literature
-- Linda Twitchett & Yvonne Barrett - Information Literacy at AIS

Kim and Karen on stage....
Yvonne and Linda on stage....

We all enjoyed the chance to talk over food and wine -- and we'd like to have something similar next year.  To be discussed at the upcoming AGM/meeting -- at Tanglin, Senior Library, 4:00 for 4:30 start on Monday, April 27th.

FYI:  Angie and I ended our talk by inviting people to contribute to a new Google+ Community called "Reading Constellations" -- which you are all welcome to join.

We're interested in crowd-sourcing pairs or small bundles of books that you like to recommend to students - for whatever oblique connection.  E.g., I just posted re "Liar" by Justine Larbastier and "We were Liars" by E. Lockhart under the heading "Lies and terrible family secrets," and Angie recommends pairing "To Kill a Mockingbird" with "Jasper Jones" by Craig Silvey under the heading "Discrimination and crime and coming-of-age".

I think of these constellations as micro-lists, where titles linked by a common Subject Heading are like macro-lists, and the kinds of lists our library systems let us create (e.g., Resource Lists in Destiny) are mini-lists. 

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